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Wild Rose oil contains a multifunctional formula that has been tested on all skin types. It is rich in vitamins due to its blend of natural oils – rosehip, almond, sunflower oil – and biomimetic technology, new on the market. It is powerful in treating and preventing dark spots, folliculitis (irritation that appears after using razors or hot wax on the skin), red stretch marks and scars on the skin.

What does he alone do?

  • Evens out skin tone (lightens dark spots);
  • Combats folliculitis and skin irritations;
  • Soothes red and purple stretch marks;
  • Soothes scars and keloids;
  • Hydrates the skin for up to 24 hours, making it more luminous and soft;

What's in your formula?

Rosehip oil: One of the most important active ingredients for evening out the skin, it lightens those areas that are dark due to friction or some irritation/bruise left on the skin as it contains fatty acids in its composition . In addition to helping in the production of collagen and elastin, combating stretch marks, keloids and scars.

Almond oil: Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin E. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps in the DEINFLAMATION process , and soothes the IRRITATIONS to the skin. Generating greater well-being and comfort throughout the procedure.

Sunflower oil: A powerful healing agent, which in addition to hydrating, softens and nourishes the skin, in order to repair damaged tissues. As it is rich in Vitamin E, it has a tissue repair effect.

Biomimetic technology: New technology on the market, causes missing proteins, vitamins and components to be replaced, also helping to maintain and recover the skin's natural color.

How to use?

With previously clean skin, apply the product all over the body or in the desired location. We recommend applying it after bathing, in the morning and at night, massaging with circular movements to further optimize product absorption.

Apply the oil twice a day, every day, this way the desired result will be achieved.

Technical information?

He is vegan | Dermatologically tested | Proven by Anvisa | Has no contraindications | Hypoallergenic | 100ml

  • Common questions?

Can you use it all over the body?

A= Yes, Wild Rose oil has no contraindications, so you can use it all over the body: Armpits, legs, face, neck, chest, belly, back, between the legs, groin, anus, buttocks.

Lightens blemishes on all skin types?

A= Yes, it was made for all skin types, but of course there are deeper spots, so the treatment time will be longer. The scientific explanation is that the product needs to reach a deeper layer, change the behavior of a cell (melanocyte) and wait for melanin production to balance. After that, the skin still needs to be completely renewed so that the new blemish-free cell can reach the surface – the average cell renewal cycle being 28 days.

How long does it take to see results?

R= Applying twice a day in continuous use combined with skin care, it shows results within 28 days of use.

Can I use the product during the day?

A= Yes, you can, but always with sunscreen.

Can pregnant and breastfeeding women use it?

A= Yes, it has no contraindication.

If you stop using it, will the stains come back?

A= Yes, they can return, depending on the predisposition of the hyperpigmentation condition – melasma is chronic and it is likely to return if you stop using the product. More superficial spots, such as pimples, inflammatory processes, etc. will probably not return as they were before, but after stopping use, they may appear again, especially if you have another pimple or inflammatory process in the same region. It is important to highlight preventive care, especially the importance of using sunscreen.

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