Bonita e Maquiada was born in the heart of Ka out of a desire to use, here in the United States, the Brazilian makeup and cosmetics products that I love and missed so much.

Having lived in the United States for 4 years and working as a makeup artist for almost 9 years, I realized that my loved ones were missing me and besides me, several other women also missed me the same way. It was then that I decided to create my dream makeup store.

I didn't want just any store, I didn't want to sell just Brazilian makeup and cosmetics products. Makeup for me goes beyond brands, products, textures, colors... Makeup for me is self-care, esteem, self-confidence, energy, relief from depression... It's seeing myself more beautiful, it's having a moment to take care of myself, myself. connect with who I am and with my

Opening and having Bonita e Maquiada means bringing all this to other women too!

- Take care! Love yourself!

With affection, Ka!!