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With the desire to present another practical product to their consumers and provide more and more texture and tone options, Mariana Saad and Océane launch new blushes. Yes, new blushes to count! But this time, the format is even more different: all liquids.

While compact blushes give a long-lasting appearance, being a classic format; creamy ones are multifunctional and can be applied to cheeks, mouths and as a primer before powder blush; liquids are even more versatile, being easy and pleasant to apply.

Mariana Saad by Océane Liquid Blush is available in 4 colors: terracotta, light pink, cherry and peach, to suit the most varied skin tones

Mariana Saad Liquid Blush has a powerful composition that includes:
jojoba seed oil and argan oil.

While jojoba oil ensures rapid absorption of the product into the skin; argan oil hydrates and softens

The new blushes arrive in tube format and with a sponge in the applicator, to ensure great practicality.

Another practicality of the Blush, found in the packaging, is that the colors on the lid already indicate on the outside what tone each blush is.
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