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The Daily Potion | SKIN is a facial serum rich in active ingredients that offer multiple benefits for the skin. The combination of these active ingredients promotes strengthening of the skin barrier, oil control, vibrant, healthy and strengthened skin.

In addition to hydrating the skin deeply and instantly.

Its fluid and light texture, with a dry and velvety touch, makes it perfect for the daytime skincare routine, and can even be used before makeup.

The SQUALANE present in our formulation is a sustainable active ingredient obtained from sugar cane and is responsible for hydrating the skin and retaining its natural moisture, in addition to leaving it looking smooth and soft. It does not clog pores and offers rapid absorption, without leaving a sticky or oily feeling.

HYALURONIC ACID's function is to keep alive the collagen fibers already present in our body, which are responsible for the support, hydration and elasticity of the skin. Furthermore, the substance also helps to smooth wrinkles and expression lines.

CERAMIDES act to replace and restore the skin's skin barrier, which is normally damaged throughout the day due to various external factors such as pollution and UV rays. This active ingredient maintains the skin's natural hydration for longer and helps the recovery of sensitive and dry skin.

PANTHENOL's function is to delay the signs of skin aging, as it provides deep hydration and nutrition. Its high anti-inflammatory and calming potential helps skin recover in cases of excessive dryness and redness of sensitive skin.


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